Sue Furrow

I have been a painter most of my life, in between raising children and a 9-5 job. I’m in love with the process of painting. Squeezing or pouring the  paint onto my palette. The mixing of colors. The brush skipping colors across the canvas. All of it I love.

I enjoy working on masa rice paper especially, but the light falling across any subject is the real excitement. I love to paint all subjects and I’m not necessarily a narrative painter. If a painting is simply beautiful or happy or soothing that’s all the inspiration I need. William Harring, an artist in Texas, sums it up nicely – “Art for Beauty’s Sake”.

Recently, I’ve been especially enjoying Plein Aire  painting and the long walks that usually get me to my subject matter. I’ve truly enjoyed rediscovering the landscape I scampered through as a teen. My family moved to SW Virginia in the 60’s from the Baton Rouge area, so back then it was real exciting to go on long hikes. This environment was so very different from Louisiana. Now I’m back and loving it.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful life if we could all be free to be our dreams.

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Be Still Listen with Your Heart  16×20

Fracking  30×24

Broken Words  24×24

Swinging Bridge  24×18

Jellies  16×20

Homemade Gold 12×12

Melbourne 12×12

Fools Gold 20×20 and 2-6×6

Wind Chimes 12×12

Make New Friends 12×12

Strength for the Journey Ahead  18×18

Intrepid Painters Indeed