Mary Anne Meador

We are each given a canvas on the day of our birth to fill with the images of our life: the family, people, places and things we love.  These are the things I love to paint, to capture the moment, giving us a visual preservation to help us remember the moments that are precious.

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“Strut On”, an acrylic painting by Mary Anne Meador,  is a bit of humor dedicated to my grandparents and their farm life.

Falling Waters II by Mary Anne Meador
“Patiently Waiting by Mary Anne Meador

“Falling Waters II” by Mary Anne Meador is an acrylic painting of the Virginia falling waters in  Roaring Run Park.

“The Color of Sunset” by Mary Anne Medor

“Patiently Waiting” an acrylic painting, is a reminder of the joys of lake and coastal living  I have enjoyed with my boating friends. While the “Color of Sunset” reminds me of the many beautiful rural areas I have visited.

Intrepid Painters Indeed