Donation Policy

Due to the many requests we receive to participate and/or donate to various charitable and community organizations we have adopted the following policies.


We thank you in advance for your understanding.


  1. We will consider requests for our participation in a charity or community event once a year in January for that year.  This allows us to properly schedule and prepare for the event.


  1. We have developed the following guidelines for requests for art donations:




We thank you for the opportunity to consider donating our art to your charitable organization for fundraising.


Due to the complexities of requests for artwork donations from charities, we have developed guidelines that enable us to donate artwork at less than retail cost and allow the artist, the charity, and the purchaser to benefit. These guidelines take into consideration that current U.S. tax laws are unfavorable to artist donations. (Presently, write-off for artists’ donations is only for costs of materials in the artwork.)


Please consider that by offering these terms for all artist donations your organization will attract top quality artwork. In addition, over time your charity will become known to artists and art patrons as the go-to- organization for unique and valuable art while supporting your worthy cause.


Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge Art donation guidelines:


  1.  The charitable organization agrees to split the proceeds from the sale or auction of our painting 50/50 (50% to the Double Line Artist and 50% to the organization). Payment is to be made within ten business days of the sale.


  1.   A starting bid will be set and determined by the Double Line Artist prior to the event.
    (This is required to honor the value of artwork already purchased by our existing collectors and work being shown in galleries that represent us. This ‘starting bid’ will give potential buyers incentive to bid as it will be 25% below retail market value of our work.)


  1.   Contact information of the buyer will be provided to the Double Line Artist for her patron/collector’s records and to thank the buyer for their purchase of her artwork.


  1.  In the event the artwork does not sell, it will be returned (undamaged) to or picked up by the Double Line Artist within 10 business days.


  1.   If damage occurs to the unsold artwork while in possession of the charitable organization the following charges to the organization will be incurred:


Damage to the frame – 8% of the starting bid payable to the Double Line Artist along with the painting being returned to the Double Line Artist or picked up by her within 10 days of the event’s completion.

Damage to the artwork – 30% of the starting bid payable to the Double Line Artist along with the painting being returned to the Double Line Artist or picked up by her within 10 days of the event’s completion.


If these guidelines are agreeable to you, please sign below and return this form via e-mail attachment/scan to or mail to Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge, PO Box 787,  Salem, VA 24153.



If there are questions or concerns please contact us. Thank you for your interest in our  artwork to help with your charitable organization’s event.


I/We agree to the above terms:




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