Bonnie Mason

I  paint the things I love. The mountains in autumn, sunlight streaming through a window, old barns and home places, things that touch my heart. Oil paints are my favorite medium. Their unmatched color capabilities and rich beauty make them my go to choice for expression.

Please visit my website for more information about me and my work.

Enchanted by Bonnie Mason


Slow Summer Day_original oil painting by Bonnie
Slow Summer Day by Bonnie Mason


Here Comes the Sun_original oil painting by Bonnie
Here Comes the Sun by Bonnie Mason


A Day to Remember_original oil painting by Bonnie
A Day to Remember by Bonnie Mason


Song of Spring_original oil painting by Bonnie
Song of Spring by Bonnie Mason


Once Remembered_original oil painting by Bonnie
Once Remembered by Bonnie Mason

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