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Sue Furrow, Linda Schaar, Judy Lochbrunner, Bonnie Mason and Mary Anne Meador


The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge seek the unique beauty of our area of Western Virginia by exploring the back roads, recreation areas and neighborhoods of our communities. Our work is as diverse as we are. Some of us work in traditional oil painting methods, others in watercolor, and still others in mixed media. Our work can be realistic or abstract, contemporary or in the style of the old masters. Serious and somber or playful and fun.

Having fun at a Sterling Edwards workshop....
Having fun at a Sterling Edwards workshop….

We enjoy the company as much as the activity of painting outdoors (plein air). We bounce ideas off each other, share interesting books or magazine articles, offer critique and suggestions as well as a “cheering section” for support.

We meet in various locations and our group may vary slightly in number but we remain consistent in our desire to improve as artists, learn to see what this beautiful region has to show us and share our art through exhibits and blogs.

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